Monday, March 15, 2010

Spaces in /etc/fstab

I needed to mount a Samba share from my windows gaming / media center PC to my MythTV backend so I could navigate to all my videos from a single location instead of having to worry about which server they were on.  To that end I shared out the Videos folder from my account on the Windows PC.  Since my user on the Windows PC is "Shahbaz Javeed" that presented a problem when trying to auto-mount it using fstab on my MythTV host - spaces aren't allowed in any field of /etc/fstab.  Any spaces are considered field delimiters.  The solution is to escape all spaces with \040.  My /etc/fstab entry now looks like so:

//frey/Users/Shahbaz\040Javeed/Videos   /var/lib/mythtv/videos/frey cifs     guest,ro       0       0

This works swimmingly!

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